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We Are Still Here


The community of Barrio Rucio, Peñuelas, has withstood generations of adversities, amplified by their location and government inaction, through solidarity and self-management. They, joined in collective care by the volunteer group: Aula en la montaña, show us how and why they resist.


Our documentary is about the lives and experiences of the Peñolanos of Barrio Rucio and the adjacent communities. These communities, through leadership, self-management, and mutual support of their members, have withstood generations of adversities amplified by their location and government inaction. The documentary also shows the community’s relationship with the leaders and volunteers of Aula en la Montaña, a project of the organization Impacto Juventud GC Inc, who have collaborated with the community by providing support in various areas such as education and the socio-emotional development of their youth.


Jorge André Santiago-Fernández

Andrea Carolina Delgado-Villarrubia

Raisa Bonnet-Ocasio

Carhianie J Vargas-Padín