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The Audition


Tony Mendes is a Latino actor who doesn’t fit the Hollywood stereotype. He has to go to great lengths to get casting directors to look beyond the surface to notice his talent.


Inspired by true events, many Latino actors are passed over as too ethnic or too “Latino” for a non-Hispanic character. This also includes not being brown enough for explicitly Hispanic roles. The Audition describes the rampant use of stereotypes portraying people of color in film and television. The goal is to highlight the glaring lack of diversity in roles for Latinos depicted by the film and television industry. This film not only brings awareness to the issue but also inspires other Latinos to create their own content and tell their stories.


Eric Liberacki

Isaias Perez Torres

Alejandro Gonzalez
Matt Campbell

Executive Producer:
Graco Fuentes
Isaias Perez Torres

Production Assistant:
Sandra Castanon
Erwing Villanueva
Justin Kikuo Komori

Director of Photography:
Andrew K. Smith

Lead Actor(s):
Isaias Perez Torres