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See Ya L8R


A diaspora raised Puerto Rican moves to the island for the first time causing a complete culture shock to her lifestyle, in order to feel that she fits in she meets a local skate crew that shows her the underground scene on the island.


All her life Julia Sandoval has been disconnected from her Puerto Rican roots. After her highschool graduation, she is forced to find a job or move in with her grandma and father to Puerto Rico. When she first comes to the island Julia takes her skateboard to the streets as her escape. Later she finds out that skating will be her connection, because she finds a local skater crew taking over the streets. One night she finds the courage to meet them at a party, and the rest is history. Two years later in her reflection of that summer, she realizes the importance of returning to her homeland and her connection to skating.


Ana Paula Teixeira

Ana Paula Teixeira

Ana Paula Teixeira