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Santiago of the Women


The reflection of a struggle and the spirit of a people in the image of the saint of their devotion.


The documentary narrate the daily drama and the impressive devotion of devoted women to the image of Santiago Apostle. Their stories are intertwined with the emblematic elements of the celebrations in honor of the “saint” as a gesture that takes shape in the spirituality of all a town. It is a look at the metaphor between the myth of the appearance of Santiago in Loíza and the cultural resistance of the community. The title Santiago of the women, alludes to one of the three effigies of the same Santiago Apostle. These projects a specific and local mythology that refers to universal themes of the relationship between the past and present, social, physical and geographical transformations. All the experience of the celebrations to Santiago is kept in memory. They are perhaps an annual renewal passage that reminds us of the character, vitality and function of the loiceña woman as a pillar of the community.


Rosamary Berríos-Hernández

Rosamary Berrios-Hernández

Juan Pablo Soto-Adames

Rosamary Berríos-Hernández