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Rent Control


When a Puerto Rican woman learns that her Brooklyn roommate is scamming her on the rent, she performs a ritual seeking guidance from her indigenous ancestors.


Rent Control is the story of Eden, a young Puerto Rican woman who moves to Brooklyn and sublets a room from a stranger named June, a white woman in her thirties. Although June lost her job just before Eden moved in, she pretends to be still employed around Eden. When Eden views a copy of the lease and discovers that she is paying over half of the rent, she attempts to confront June about the situation. June avoids responsibility. Tensions develop between the two women when Eden shifts the narrative from victimhood towards one of defiance by performing a ritual targeted at June inspired by her ancestral teachings– condemned as “Brujeria” in Puerto Rico, using electronic dance music. June questions whether her new roommate has put a curse on her and enlists her friend Jacob to try and threaten Eden to move out. Eden files a complaint with the city’s housing department and successfully gets June to admit how she has taken advantage of the situation. When everything seems settled between the two roommates, Eden learns from their super that June has not been making rent payments for months, and they are being evicted.


Eduardo Costas Cordero

Lisa Fischer

Eduardo Costas Cordero