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Pay It Forward In Death


Trauma brought them together, but these three young women take matters into their own hands as they kill with the intent of getting rid of the evil around them. 


Pay It Forward in Death is an episodic web series of three young women living in NYC taking matters into their own hands. Their beliefs are to save society from those they deem unfit. Their past childhood & traumas have brought these women together. They have suffered under the hands of someone, and they find solace in each other as well as an unknown Radio Host.


Ronissha Marksman

Maria Palacio

Maria Palacio

Director of Photography:
Francisco LaFontaine 

Diana Foronda

Lead Actor(s):
Zulivet Diaz*, Nora Mercedes Li, Meghan Locker, Gavin Balazar, Patricia Lawrence, Marta Kotzian

Head of Department:
Paula Patino (Production Manager), Khamelia McKoy (1st AD),  Jonathan Holoman (Prodcution Coordinator), Laudelina Santiago (Script Supervisor), Amber Alicea (PA), Jennifer Veras (PA)