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Nos Persiguen


The film follows a family of three women who live in denial of the Puerto Rico independence revolution in the 1950s, except for 16-year-old Celia. But when the family receives an unexpected visit, they are forced to face the tragic reality of their country.


Nos Persiguen (2022) is a historical, narrative short film set in Puerto Rico in the 1950s. The piece follows a family of three women that live in denial of the ongoing revolution for independence in the Island, with the exception of Celia, a young, naive, curious girl. Celia’s classmate, Matías, arrives at their home with his father, Emilio, who is gravely injured from a gunshot. Terrified but desperate to help, the women let them in just to find out the truth; they are active members of the revolution and are being persecuted by the government. The women, all with different perspectives, debate whether they should hide them from the police in their home, or if the repercussions would be too dangerous. Celia falls in love with the boy and, influenced by his anecdotes, she decides to participate in the revolution.


Paulis Cofresi

Camila Reus

Paulis Cofresi