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When the socially awkward (music prodigy) new kid on campus seeks to win the affections of the most popular girl in school, he enlists the help of an unlikely mentor–the school janitor.


MIXTAPE tells the story of Sammy, a talented musician who, after living in New York, returns to live in Puerto Rico when his parents separate. Now the ‘new boy in school’ he is immediately tormented by Jonathan, the school bully (Adan Allende). Sammy also falls in love with Karla, one of the prettiest girls in the school (Didi Romero) but he is too shy to express his feelings. With the help of Miguel (Wilfred Morales) the school custodian who is also an ‘old school DJ’, they create a ‘mix’ of urban genre songs with subliminal manipulative messages–all with the intention of grabbing Karla’s attention. However, the mixtape is such a hit that it goes viral on campus and the whole school falls in love with Sammy. Now he has to undo the mess right away before he risks losing Karla’s affections.


Executive Producer:
Rafael Abudo Massó

Yamara Rodríguez

Benji López

Jay Smith

Benji López

Director of Photography:
Willie Berrios

Omar Camilo

Lead Actors:
Felipe Albors

Didi Romero

Wilfred Morales

Geraldine Bazán