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Los Mecánicos


Una comedia llena de adrenalina


THE MECHANICS is a family comedy. The film tells the story of Linda, a woman who has made her way in the world of advertising in the United States. After the death of her father, Linda receives a mechanical racing workshop as an inheritance. To Linda’s surprise, the shop is about to go bankrupt. To save the shop, Linda decides to participate in an exclusive car racing competition with a prize of $50,000. His goal: use the money to save the workshop, his father’s legacy. To achieve this, she’ll need to prepare her dad’s car to compete in the race. However, Linda has no mechanics at her disposal. So, after watching “Racing 101,” a mechanical racing TV show, Linda decides to hire Luis, Alex and Walde, the show’s hosts, to prepare the car. What Linda doesn’t know is that these supposed racing mechanics are just actors who don’t know anything about mechanics. Contacted by Linda, the guys pose as mechanics to win $10,000 and an endorsement contract for their own show. This leads to a series of conflicts and fun situations as Luis, Alex and Walde try to maintain their façade as mechanical racing experts, when they are just fish out of water.


Julio Román