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Karma Latte


With dirt under their nails, dedication, science and indigenous knowledge young Puerto Rican farmers return to their ancestral lands to bring food Karma strikes when a barista finds himself the subject of a public social media shamming attempt that totally backfires. Inspired by true events.


Based on true events.

Lenin Gutierrez a young and timid Starbucks barista who enjoys working as an essential worker during the pandemic. Lenin lives with his older sister Wendy and is working to save for his goal of attending the school he loves. During his regular daily routine Lenin asks a customer to put on a mask before placing her order. This customer causes a huge scene and leaves, not before taking a picture of Lenin. What we today call a “Karen” moment on the internet backfires when the customer, Amanda Price, tries to publicly shame Lenin on social media and embarrass him. Amanda shames Lenin by calling him out for wearing a mask and asking her to do the same at the coffee shop. Amanda’s social media post spreads like wildfire and makes it to Lenin’s attention the same night by the time he is having dinner with Wendy.

Lenin awakes the next morning for work not knowing how his life was about to change. He wakes up to a huge fan following on social media, both positive and negative. What catches Lenin’s by surprise even more is that a stranger by the name of Matt started a GoFundMe for him that jumped from a $1,000 goal and skyrocketed to $40,000 that same night. By the end of Night two, the GoFundMe had already reached over $80,000. As amazing as this all was for Lenin, the pressure from him getting unwanted attention at work, Amanda Price demanding half the money and even family members that wanted a piece of the pie was overwhelming for him. Matt reached out to Lenin to request that he signed over the rights, so that he could withdraw the cash himself as part of a surprise he has planned for Lenin. After some consideration Lenin agrees with mixed emotions, will Matt should run away with the cash so that his life will go back to normal or if he will show up with money that would allow Lenin to pursue his dream of dance at the school he longed to attend.

Throughout it all Lenin maintained his sanity by doing what he loved most during the pandemic, which was by serving his loyal customers at the coffee shop. The funding reached a final amount of $105,000 and Lenin continued to show up to work despite all the attention and valued his duty as an essential worker. He still serves his coffee shop customers to this day when he is not attending school.


Ozz Gomez, Robert J. Morgalo

Associate Producer:
Robert E. McCarty

Ozz Gomez

Robert J. Morgalo

Director of Photography:
Mateo Toro

Hugh DiMauro

Assistant Editor:
Isabella J. Morgallo

Lead Actor(s):
Josue Ledesma, Darlene Tejeiro, Kathleen Harvey, Dorian Perez*, Gabby Morgalo, Johnathan Aarons

Head of Department:
Stephanie Weaver