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Living in the mountains of Puerto Rico, a young boy discovers a gateway to an ancient world and makes a friend along the way. When he comes back home, he’s left wondering about his own reality.


Restless in his room, Luis spots a shooting star falling out of the sky through his window. He notices that it falls not far from his house by the lagoon. Luis sneaks out his house and heads for the lagoon. Upon arrival he notices a strange reflection in the water and falls in trying to get a better look. When Luis gets up he is no longer home; he is in another world. One with vibrant glowing colors and floating organic objects. Luis makes contact with Jayuya, an ancient alien creature. As a greeting Jayuya gives Luis a magical flower that glows in the light, and begins to show him around its world. Jayuya shows Luis its cave full of ancient Taino symbols and artifacts. Shortly after, they notice the sun beginning to rise. Worried that his father will come looking for him, Luis says goodbye for now and heads for the water. As Luis dives through the water, he simultaneously wakes up startled in his bed. He is confused at first, and then shakes it off as only a dream. However as Luis gets up and leaves, the flower that Jayuya had given him earlier could be seen on his window sill, as it starts to bloom with the sunrise.


Jordan Fernandez