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I Believe In America


A former revolutionary is forced to confront his past after the murder of his eldest son. He must devise a way to avenge his son’s death, save his family from ruin, and face the consequences of his decisions.


Reynaldo Pedro Ferrer (Jamie Harris), a former Machetero but now fully assimilated, was involved in the Independence movement of Puerto RIco, and must confront his past after the murder of his son.

His father, Popo (Jaime Tirelli), is posing as a double agent in order to protect his family and still maintain the group’s quest for freedom. Pedro (Coati Mundi), a political prisoner, secretly assigns an operative to Reynaldo’s son in an attempt to get Reynaldo back into the movement. The FBI led by Agent Glen (Ann Dowd) is on target to disrupt the movement by any means necessary.

These forces clash head on in this tale of family, love and country.


Michael J. Narvaez, Vincent Prezioso, Tony D’Aiuto

Michael J. Narvaez

Michael J. Narvaez

Director of Photography:
Patryk Rebisz

David Jakubovic

Lead Actor(s):
Jamie Harris, Coati Mundi, Jaime Tirelli, Melissa Leo, Roger Guenveur Smith, Ann Dowd, Michael Philip DelRio, Elizabeth Narvaez

Liz Ortiz

Coati Mundi, Jaroslav Jakubovic