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I Am Cheo


Inspired by the poem “I Am Joaquin” by Chicano poet Corky Gonzales, this unique film “I AM CHEO” tells the story of a young boy named Cheo who, from the sights and smells of his abuela’s kitchen, takes a sweeping cinematic journey across the lands that are both his history and his future – he sees the gorges of the Grand Canyon, the antiquity of New Mexican acequias, the majesty of the Rockies, and the urban warmth of Downtown Los Angeles.


On this journey, Cheo realizes that he is formed by these places – but they need his help, as they are devastated by wildfires, pollution, climate change and disrepair. Cheo then decides to raise his voice and take action to protect the environment for his familia and generations to come, as it is him and he is it.


Pablo Irlando
Monica Griego-Irlando

Pablo Irlando

Pablo Irlando
Graciela Garcia-Irlando
Robert Fanger

Director of Photography:
Jose Antonio Partido

Luke Fitch

Lead Actor:
Neftali Eliseo “Cheo” Irlando

Head of Department:
Pablo Irlando