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For Those to Come


For Those To Come is a documentary project that unearths the hopes and dreams of environmental justice leaders in Puerto Rico as they work to cultivate, reclaim, and protect their land not only for themselves, but for the generations to come.


For Those To Come takes on the task of unearthing the fight and strategies of communities combating the climate crises that threaten the livelihood of the people living in Puerto Rico. This documentary project is as much of a love letter, as it is a wake-up call, for Puerto Rico y su gente. While the wrath of climate change and political infrastructures attempts to cast a shadow over the islands’ future, solutions-driven and people centered projects and advocacy campaigns – often led by women – continue transcending any government intervention or systems.


Frances Medina

Mikey Cordero

Frances Medina

Mikey Cordero

Alejandra M. Miranda

Frances Medina

Directors of Photography:
Mikey Cordero

Joselynn Cortes  

Evan Moreno

Javier Colon

Tania Cordero