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For Satos Sake


A story about the Satos dogs, cats and horses of Puerto Rico and their dedicated rescuers.


For Satos Sake Documentary, filmed on both the island of Puerto Rico and throughout the mainland of the United States by Evelyn and film team, is an informative, inspiring, emotionally intense documentary which gives the viewers an insider look at the homeless animal crisis in Puerto Rico. It also highlights the incredible efforts made by a group of rescuers who have come together, from all different walks of life, for one common goal: to save the lives of these sentient beings often found struggling to survive on their own. Filled with heartwarming moments, the documentary explores the resilience, strong will and heart of both the rescuer and their rescues, many of whom despite against all odds and with the love and kindness from their rescuers, fosters and supporters, have secured forever homes where they now live happier and healthier lives. Get ready to be inspired.


Evelyn O. Vaccaro

Evelyn O. Vaccaro

Evelyn O. Vaccaro