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Drills of Liberation


In the wake of climate change, a new social movement emerges in Puerto Rico to protest austerity measures imposed by US colonial forces.


After experiencing a ten-year economic crisis, and facing the perils of climate change, Puerto Ricans do not trust the State anymore. They take to the streets to demand accountability from the government, and organize autonomous community centers to ensure their survival as People of Puerto Rico. In this epic documentary directed by Juan C. Dávila, young Puerto Ricans craft their path to liberation, as we see the faces of survival and resistance. The documentary film has an unique point of view from inside Puerto Rican social movements. The director captures a series of major historical events as they unfolded right at the front lines, including: the protests against an US appointed Fiscal Control Board, the aftermath of hurricane María, and the protests of Summer 2019.


Juan C. Dávila Santiago 

Juan C. Dávila Santiago

Juan C. Dávila Santiago
Diana Ramos Gutiérrez 

Director of Photography:
Juan C. Dávila Santiago

Juan C. Dávila Santiago 

Lead Actor(s):
Jocelyn Velázquez Rodríguez
Marisel Robles Gutiérrez
Rogelio Maldonado Rivera
Verónica Figueroa Huertas
Scott Barbés Caminero
Giovanni Roberto

Music Composer:
Aníbal S. Vidal Quintero