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Bronx Banda: Arturo O’Farrill & The Bronx


Experience multi-Grammy Award-winning pianist Arturo O’Farrill “bring the Bronx to jazz” as he breaths life into a hip-hop-jazz-funk band in the birthplace of salsa and hip hop at the height of the pandemic by converting stories of South Bronx life to music resounding in the streets.


During the darkest hours of the COVID-19 pandemic, 6-time Grammy Award-winning jazz pianist Arturo O’Farrill breaths life into a hip-hop-jazz-funk ensemble featuring Annette A. Aguilar, Kayla Faccilongo, Leo Traversa, Juanma Trujillo, Juan Carlos Polo, Leonor Falcón, Clark Gayton, and Baba Israel. BRONX BANDA: ARTURO O’FARRILL & THE BRONX a film by Taylor Krauss, is a time capsule of musical and cultural triumph in the midst of crisis, and an homage to the Afro-Latinx music (salsa, hip hop, and beyond) born in The Bronx and the artists on whose shoulders it stands. Special guest appearances include Ayodele Casel, TatsCru, Elena Martínez, Bill Aguado, Bertha Hope, Tito Muñoz & the New York Philharmonic, and Grandwizzard Theodore.


Taylor Krauss

Taylor Krauss

Taylor Krauss