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Screenplay Competition

2023 Screenplay Competition

La Potencia

Written by: Mel Nieves


An aging light middleweight fighter after a devastating knock-out at the hands of a faster and much younger fighter must come to terms with the realization that she has come to the end of the road of the only kind of life skill, she’s ever known, but her long-time manager might have other plans for her future; to squeeze out one more fight for one last big payday to pay off a life-threatening debt.


Written by: Felix Rojas

Lola is the story of a Young Puerto Rican writer from Vieques who writes a filmscript that depicts her mother’s struggles, fighting against political forces to end the U.S. Naval bombardment of the island of Vieques in Puerto Rico. Lola sells her filmscript to “The Cowboy”, a Hollywood producer who turns around and whitewashes her film by casting a white lead, for the commercial good of the production. It turns out The Cowboy picked the wrong Puerto Rican. Lola fights like hell to protect the dignity of her mother and her story.


Written by: Francisco Solorzano

After receiving a full custody request, Paco, a once promising filmmaker turned reclusive adult webcam model, searches for his son, Luca, for one last chance at redemption, but not before facing his past, and most of all, his mother.

Off His Meds

Writers: Luis Ortiz & Tsunami Ortiz

To meet his dying father on a tropical island, a suicidal teen must outwit a slimy conman, a brutal biker gang and his overly attached mother.

Soul Lost

Written by: Nueve Dias Solo

At the dawn of human creation, God fell in love with Helayna, his favorite and most cherrished wife, but when it’s discovered the she has feelings for another (Michael the archangel), they are both banished from Heaven. As punishement, Helayna is forced to walk the Earth in perminate iteration without ever knowing true love. Now Michael must navigate many lifetimes, in search of her whilst battling both Achangels and Demons as he tries to find her and the twilight of her life and break the curse.

The 51st State

Written by: Alejandra López

In the not-too-distant future, where Puerto Rico has become the 51st U.S. state, we follow the first Puerto Rican Senator, Sarah Morales, as she is tasked with containing a resistance group on the island who have been perpetrating a series of attacks aimed at inciting a revolution and, ultimately, secession.

Die Laughing

Writer: Armando Acevedo

A man with a history of commitment issues makes a promising connection with a woman in a coffee shop, but when she suddenly disappears, he launches into a desperate search for answers, digging deep into his own mind to unravel the mystery.

Going to Meet the Devil

Written by: Adel L. Morales

When William and Vanessa are assaulted, by a White woman in their small Southern town, they decide to fight back against the local racist Police Chief and his badge-wearing minions that have abused their Black community for generations.