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Memorias de Mi Familia


Memorias de Mi Familia is a personal documentary where I explore the meaning of “home”, through my family’s story of multiple migrations between Puerto Rico and the United States.   


I was born and raised in New York to a Puerto Rican mother and Ecuadorian father, and lived between two worlds—sometimes more.  While on a visit to Puerto Rico with my mother, I search for belonging and explore my family’s story of migration between the island and the United States. Through interviews, family films, home videos and photographs spanning over 60 years, Memorias de Mi Familia examines the revolving migration pattern common to many Puerto Ricans, a cycle framed and at times burdened by Puerto Rico’s colonial relationship to the United States.


Melissa Z. Montero Padilla

Melissa Z. Montero Padilla

Melissa Z. Montero Padilla

Director of Photography:
Willie Berríos

Melissa Z. Montero Padilla